Friday, May 10, 2013

Gift of tounges

The next email you recieve from me will probably have my new reassignment on it. I get reassigned this Tuesday. A week after on like May 20th I'll head out to somewhere. Beats me where, probably North Carolina. :) I serve there, until the Visa Comes. As far as checking as to where my Visa is in the Process, I've heard there isn't a really good reliable source. They just call me to the Travel center, hand me my Visa when it gets here and then quickly pack and take off. Could happen tommorow or in a month from now. I dunno. Nothing to worry about, I'll let you know as soon as possible when it comes, I can call you at the airport.
About a week ago I was eating lunch with my district, an old man asked to sit by me. We said that's fine. We began having a casual conversation, He asked the usual questions, where from and where we were going. He then asked how the Langauge was going, my compainon and I replied "muito Bom!" We spoke a few phrases explaining we were doing well in the langauge, and then after we told it was because of the book of Mormon. We told him how we are here to learn two languages, first the langauge of the Spirit and then the language of portuguese. I recalled some of the last words you told me before I left. "It's okay if you don't speak portuguese, and it's okay that they don't speak English, because the Lord speaks them both, use him as your interperter." We informed him we were reading the Book of Mormon to learn Portuguese, his first thought was that we were reading it in Portuguese, but we told him no, in English. The best lessons in Portuguese I've given happen after I have been reading diligently the book of Mormon in English and feel the Spirit. Yeah, we study potuguese and practice speaking. But our best comes through the gift of tongues through the Lord.  I hadn't realized at the timethe older man was President Hacking, Over the whole MTC.
On fast sunday there was a Large mission conference with all the thousands of Missionaires in the MTC.  I was happy to see President Hacking speaking to us, and he started his talk with his experience of eating Lunch with two specific Missionaries Elder Pollard and Elder Price to had taught him something. He recounted the whole experience, it was cool. Glad I didn't say anything stupid. The moral of the Story is, don't let old important looking guys sit by you while eating, or you'll be known by all here. Just kidding. The moral is, be grateful for your mother who taught you true doctrine. A loving Mother who raised me to become the man the Lord wants me to become.
I love you Mom! I'm sending a letter too. You'll get it soon.

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