Friday, May 3, 2013


 I came across an Elder who was really struggling. He was angry, depressed, and really hurting. He snapped and said things inappropriate for missionary words to any who tried to help him. I got down on my knees for guidance. I asked that I could represent the Savior and be guided by the Spirit how to minister and help this individual  It was amazing. I felt the spirit strongly throughout the day, it guided me with all the things I should do. It filled me with love when I should have been angered. It caused to be bold and stand large when I would have normally stood back. I felt like a different person, as I uplifted, corrected, and edified others including this Elder who was convinced he would go home that day. Long story short. We gave him a blessing. I saw a miracle happen before my eyes as I watched the dramatic change in character.
  This Elder was healed. Spiritually and physically. I can't give details at this time, but he was struggling with some very hard things that should have been resolved before coming, but I believe they were meant to be resolved here. He is now one of the happiest people I know. Each day I see a walking miracle. He bears a strong testimony of this church and the Power of Priesthood Authority. It has strengthened my testimony. This Elder has transformed into a great missionary, with a desire to serve others, and a greater relationship with the Savior.
There is this misconception about the atonement I feel some may not fully understand. Some may think that Jesus Christ paid for all our sins in a few hours. But it wasn't a pain all at once with a package deal. It was individually  The Atonement wasn't just infinite, but it was very intimate  It's something that should be, and is, very personal to each individual. He suffered all your pains specifically at a time. And because of that, he knows how to heal you. You. Each person, individually  He knows how to help. I am only just started to fully understand this and apply it. I have started to see things and feel things that are beyond description.
I will testify in English and in Portuguese that I know these things to be true. And Each person needs to come to know for themselves if they are. En Nome De Jesus Cristo, Amen.
P.S I love you Dad, Mom, Jo, Nate, Kendyl, Rayna, Sienna, and Lilly with all my heart. I miss you all so very much, and you help motivate me to work hard.
P.S.S Send me a family photo. Of our whole family. That would be otimo, muito bom.

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