Friday, June 7, 2013

Help paint the house

Quick story. I just sent one to Jo. Here's another
Because we aren't allowed to tract, I've been amazed of how people just seem to be coming to us. It's putting a whole new spin on missionary work. After eating a meal at a members house, we were walking down the road. I waved to a woman staring out her window at us. She waved back, and called us over. Asking if we would help her paint her house. She was joking, she and her 11 kids were painting. But we said we would love to.
Long story short. Her children have been involved in some gangs in Las Vegas, and a few months ago her 17 year old son was shot and killed. She had been raised Catholic, but she was praying hard for the Lord to send something to help her. She said she knew, as soon as she saw us, that we were the answer. One of the first things she told us is that she wants to see her son again, and for some reason she just knew we had the answers to her questions.
Opps. Out of time. Would give more details.

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