Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Painting the House Part 2 (and more)

Hope you got my letter. And about painting the house story. I can't remember where I left off, but a couple weeks ago we went over to talk with her and see what we could do. She was upset, some new info about her son's death had been brought up. And some of the gang members who killed him were going on trial. Her family is in danger, and her kids refused to testify or show up in court. I felt nearly helpless and cried with her as she told of the trials her family was going through. She insisted and promised she would call us, she wants the gospel, and her kids need it, but she said right now, her family isn't ready. They feel too on edge to listen to anyone. But before we left her front door, I asked if we could just say a prayer. She said yes. I prayed as sincerely and fervently for her family as I could, striving for the spirit to guide it. When I finished, she gave much gratitude, and expressed she never had someone pray for her family.. She said she had never heard a prayer like it.  She cried, and told how she was amazed of the love we had.
       I hope the story doesn't end there, I desire to help her family more, but that is where it's at for now.
      A couple weeks ago we met a 17 year old boy, who was outside roping. We walked over, talked with him and his younger brother and dad. He is super good at roping and has won nationals many times and trains everyday to go pro. We learned he also likes basketball, and we invited him to play basketball with us on Mondays. So he came and played basketball with us. One day, the night before he was suppose to compete in state rodeo, he called us and asked if we could come over and help him the next day. We were confused why he wasn't leaving to compete in State.
       He had been in a little trouble with his parents and they wouldn't let him go. Upset, he called his grandpa (who is a member of the church) and asked for advice. His grandpa and him talked for quite some time, and he realized he wanted a better relationship with God.  So when we showed up, one of the first things he said was "What do I got to do to be baptized?"
       He's been coming to church and keeping his commitments and learning from us. He will be baptized and confirmed in a couple of weeks. He texts us often to thank us, and tell us how much happier he is and how much more love there is in his home. His dad, has been inactive for over 30 years. But he's seen a great change in his son and the joy the gospel brings, and he has started to make changes too.  It was cool to see what started out as a trial, like not going to state, turned into a blessing.

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