Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We Must Make Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

I loved your letter. I would prefer a handwritten one if it's going to be long, because I have limited time to email, and want to be able to respond to you effectively, it's hard to when crunched for time. So proud of you doing missionary work!!! Yay! Eternal families soon to come! Whew! I love missionary work! It's so much fun! There isn't anything better I've ever experienced. Oh, and your letter about marriage was fantastic, really helped me out and came at the perfect time. 
I sent another email with a picture from the wedding. Lion's parents. Tanishe and Mike Yarbrough. Super excited for this family. Can't wait to send you pictures from the baptism!   

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Then, the lady who was painting. Her name is Patricia Watts, so the Watts family. A few days ago, I felt the impression. "We must make chocolate chip cookies!" I ignored it at first, it seemed odd and we had much work to do. But it came again, and as a missionary I'm learning not to doubt the feelings of the spirit. (Or stomach, haha) Then I felt the cookies would be for the Watt family. My companions seemed hesitant, they said she had made it clear that she would call us, and we shouldn't go back over. But, we went over to a members home and made cookies. We took them over and delivered them to one of her sons Tony. We left, and the next day we followed up. Quickly after we knocked, Patricia answered and told us to come inside. She introduced us to all of her family, each one of her kids had lots of tattoos except the 3 grand kids. We meet her soon Howard, I believe was his name who had been disabled since birth. 18 years old but the mind of a 2 year old.
The day we had dropped off the cookies, she was feeling low. She was praying for help. Then we came over with cookies for her family. She thought, ooh these guys are persistent, they really care, I like that. Then she had a feeling, an overwhelming feeling, that she needed to meet with us. That she needed to let us in and introduce us to her family. She had felt the spirit testify that we could help her family.
Before we left, we shared a little about the plan of Salvation. In fact, we are expected her to call us later today to confirm our appointment tomorrow to teach her family. It's amazing.

Oh yea! Birthday!
Good birthday. Yeah we celebrated, but what I really wanted to do was get out and work. So that's what we did. Even used the fact it was my Birthday to get into homes we've never been able to before. No one is going to leave a birthday boy outside in the heat....hehe.

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