Monday, June 3, 2013

The Lord's Merchandise

Jo! Thanks for sharing your testimony with me, and being so supportive of me. I love your letters and emails.

I am currently at the library. On our way over here the driver, Elder Findlay, saw a large piece of cardboard in the road. He felt impressed to pull over and move it, to do some service. So we pulled over. He and I ran into the road carefully, but quickly, because there was fast traffic. Just upon getting back in the car I noticed a car pulled over with it's hazards on. I suggested we pull up to it and see if they need help.

So we did. We pulled up and met a around 40 year old black woman, who's car kept stalling and couldn't get home. We asked if we could help. She denied us, saying she would be fine, thinking she could do it on her own. But we were persistent. We asked how far she needed to go to get home, and insisted we could push her there. At first she was hesitant, She said "I don't want to ruin the Lord's merchandise." haha. But after failing to start her car again, She accepted. It was around 110 degrees outside and she needed the help.

So myself with 3 other missionaries began to push. It was hot, the car itself burned our hands. I imagine we were quit a sight, many people saw these 4 white guys (all of which are over 6 feet tall, 6"2, 6"4(Me), 6"5, and 6"7), who were all wearing black pants and ties, running down the Road pushing a black car that was burning their hands, in temperatures above a 100 degrees. Well.....I thought it was comical, even the part where she ran a stop sign at a busy intersection. We had stopped, hoping she would break, but she didn't and we ran out after her and pushed her to safety. Luckily we made it through the intersection fine, most people watching just had confused looks on their faces or smiles.

We probably pushed her about a mile, all the way into her neighborhood. (The hill at the end was way tuff)

Safely home she kept saying thank you, many times, ever grateful. We spoke for a few minutes, learned she was a minister of some church, she had been sitting there in the heat. Praying to God that he will get her home, and she believed He sent us. We gave her a book of Mormon. Exchanged phone numbers. One of the Missionaries with us, Elder Chase, will follow up with her. She's in his area, and she agreed to be visited by Elder Chase and his companion.  Me and my companions know some great mechanics she can trust in our ward, and said we would call her to give her some numbers to take her car to.

Now I'm here, sweaty and stinky, but very happy. This is just one example of the many people we have helped here. I have never been full of so much joy, in bringing these Children of our Heavenly Father "Home"

Love you Jo

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