Monday, June 10, 2013

Every Member a Missionary

Right before I left the MTC, I saw Braxton Farmer. It was cool. I also spent time with Tanner Peers while I was there. (These are Daylens friends from school)
I've taught ministers, pastors, gang members, Christians, canyon ridge members, Catholics, Buddhists, less actives, atheists, Jehovah witness, and even Cosco members. Each lesson completely different, I often feel humbled in how little I do know. But in This church, what we know will always trump what we don't know. I have felt the spirit strongly work through me, as I testify of truths. I have seen people's hearts prepared and softened. I realized the very things we learn in primary can stump and astound even the most educated bible scholars. I should have been defeated and destroyed by the intelligence of some of these people as they discussed doctrine, but I know this Church has the fullness of  the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know He leads it. I have felt the spirit guide me and give me the ability to teach with power and authority like I never thought possible. I am nothing, and my teaching skills and knowledge are weak, but as I am true to the faith which I've already acquired, holding fast to what I already know, I have felt me be an instrument of the Lord knowing exactly what to say, what scriptures to use, what stories to tell, that change the lives of these individuals forever.
Last thought, our missionary work would be non existent if it weren't for the help of the members. See Acts 8:31 and then 1 Peter 3:15. People can meet with the missionaries, read the book of Mormon, know that it's true, but they need someone to help guide them still. They need someone to invite them to church, sit by them, answer their questions and always be ready to open their mouths and give testimony. I taught primary last Sunday on this, and even at that age they can invite their friends to family home evening, church, and activities. Every member is a missionary. It is terrifying for some of these individuals to start coming to church, we use practically a whole different language of different words unfamiliar to them. They need friendship in the ward, to help guide them make the very social transition. Always be ready to invite people. Ready to give an answer of why you live your life the way you do to anyone you may meet.
Love you all.
Elder Pollard

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