Monday, June 24, 2013

Making Friends, Strengthening Members

Weird to think Krispy Kreme (Kristi King a good friend of Daylen's from Oakley) is getting married, She's younger than I am! I would be terrified. I feel safer in the slums of Las Vegas and eventually Brazil preaching the word than getting married.
The work here has been amazing! The Ward is pumped up for missionary work. Before me and my companions got to this area, it was closed for a couple of years to missionaries. The missionaries before us had no success and weren't liked by the ward just a few years ago. But the ward members love us. Our dinner calendar is full of members who want us over, to meet us and have us meet their non-member friends, families, and relatives. They love how lively we are and our humor. Yet, our ability to understand the time to become humble servants of the Lord and teach with power and authority.
 The members work with us and are excited when they see us bringing people to church. People who have been inactive for years are becoming active. We have had a few investigators at church every week for the past 3, and we work with the Bishop and leaders to see they are friended in this transition to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I really have felt a love for the people here, like I've never experienced. I find that when I'm speaking to them, the words that come out are not my own. I sincerely desire to help them and bring them close to the Savior.
Last Sunday, we had two investigators Michael and Heather who we have been teaching that had committed to come to church for the first time. I knew without a doubt, if they attended sacrament meeting it would clear up their doubts, fears, and help them feel the spirit and want to return. We had even walked through the church building with Michael the day before and to help him understand the importance of going. Just before the meeting had started they texted us. They had drove to the parking lot of the church, got a "Bad vibe" and went home.
The love I feel for these people isn't something I can explain. But I would say it is like the same love the Savior feels for them. No matter how hard I tried to be tough, I was unable to hold back tears. I imagined it was just a taste of how the Lord feels when we fail to keep a commandment. When we don't accept His help to guide our lives. I sincerely desire these people to receive the blessings this gospel offers. I never realized how blessed our own family was, until I came to know these families that lacked.
Elder Findlay, (my senior companion, been out for 22 months) said he has never had so much success so quickly in his whole mission since I got here. He said he's never been able to get into homes like this before, never had so many lessons. I am nothing, we are nothing, but the Lord has used us an instrument in His Hands. It's amazing to see, how the spirit guides us, what to say to get into people homes and help them.
Love you all!

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