Monday, July 1, 2013

When Nature the door!

It's been a great week. A few days ago we were shoveling rocks and digging trenches for some members that needed help. It's so cool to be a missionary and have all the time devoted to helping people, in this life and the one to come. While we were shoveling rocks, their neighbor's garage door broke.
The neighbor saw us working, and thought we were some kind of workers and asked us if we knew how to fix her garage so should she could pull her car out and leave. We went and helped her and fixed the garage door, she was really grateful and we introduced ourselves and a little bit about what we do. She really liked us and we are going to start teaching her and her kids.
I think it's cool, because I finally just stopped believing in coincidences. I started seeing the Lord's hand in everything and our circumstances.
 So every time we see an opportunity to teach or serve or speak to someone we strive to do it. Whether it be in Wal-Mart or on the highway, or anywhere. We stand as witnesses of God in all things and in all places. At first I was terrified to do this, I thought it would be odd or awkward. But, it[s really only awkward if you make it. People stop us in walmart, perhaps because they think we work there, and it opens a great door to explain who we are and give a short statement of our beliefs that the Holy Ghost can testify to them.  It can be a short statement, like "We follow Christ."
A couple weeks ago we had a referral for the Holds family from a neighbor. The wife answered, stated not interested and slammed the door. I had forgotten all about this until a few days ago we received a referral from a girl that was the girlfriend of the Hold's son. I remember thinking, that name sounds familiar. She gave us the address, and I thought, this isn't the first time I've written this in my planner, and my companions couldn't recall it either.
As we walked up to the door, we recognized the house. Laughing, we thought they won't be happy to see us again, but we had faith that there could be a possibility and we need to try. We knocked and as the door opened a big dog came running out and pee'd on Elder Titus's shoes and pants. We were Laughing (well, me and Elder Findlay were). The husband was ready to tell us off, but felt bad for Elder Titus. He got some paper towels and kept apologizing, and joined in our laughter. Because of it, we now have an appointment to teach them this Friday, and they want to hear our message.
Perhaps it was chance we came at the exact moment the dog could no longer hold it. But Elder Titus says we had better get some baptisms out of this for it to be a happy story.  

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