Monday, July 1, 2013


Daylen says no matter how warm it gets in Vegas the water of baptism will be cool.
I wonder at what point the water starts to boil.

And I think the heat is affecting their brain as evident by the photo bellow art they supposed to be a barbershop trio, or the Marx brothers.


  1. So hot there! I heard they could cook an egg on the pavement in Vegas. Love the Marx brothers quip. We pray for him all the time--how can we write to him?

    1. Susan to the right of this blog we have his current information posted.
      1. his e-mail address he only gets about to an hour to read and respond once a week.
      2. His physical mission address
      3. a link to a great service to have your e-mails printed and sent. Set up an account and enter in his address and then they do all the mailing for you.


  2. On the right of the page there's a column that says "Write Daylen". It has his current address and email.