Monday, July 22, 2013

Patricia Watts comitts to baptism!

Been a great week. Finally had a little rain so it's cooled down,  just under 100 degrees is a really nice day. We had our first actual lesson with Patricia Watts, she's been single mom since the birth of her child who is now 16. Raised 8 kids on her own. Her whole family makes sandwiches once a month and go down and feed the homeless, because they once were homeless themselves and know what it is like to go hungry. She expressed the hardships she's been through, but knows Heavenly Father has been there to help her every step of the way and is very grateful. We taught her about the plan of salvation and while discussing it she readily accepted everything of the gospel, she expressed she had the same beliefs or impressions of the spirit testify to her the things we said were true.
After only a few moments we invited her to be baptized in a few weeks. Without hesitating she said yes, and exclaimed how much she wanted every one of her kids to be baptized as well, and that was her goal. She knew she must first walk the path herself, and she has found it be true. She doesn't understand or even know a lot, but knew it felt right.
 Things are good. Austin is getting baptized this Saturday, I'll write about his conversion more next week. I'm having lots of fun, I feel very happy. I've gained 20 pounds! :D Woo! I feel my own testimony deepen each day as a study and search out the truth for myself, I never teach something I don't know for myself to be true. I have felt the spirit testify many times, the things that are true, It's awesome. Love you!

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