Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's Christmas and other stories

Q. Why were the ink blots crying?
A. Because their father was in the pen!

Q. Why do Missionaries have such large bladders
A. Because they only get one P-Day a week

Which my companion also calls Christmas. Elder Titus every Monday morning at 6:25 am wakes up and screams "its Christmas!" Gets like an inch from my face and screams like a 6 year old girl. this started because he used to get letters everyday and wrote about 3-5 letters a day. He was thinking too much about home, so we made a rule that he could only write and read letters on Monday (p-day) He called it Christmas. Elder Findlay is the knock off Santa Clause (Knock off because he's Canadian and has no Christmas spirit) he gets the mail every night and hides it from elder Titus until Monday. So Monday morning we sit and watch Elder Titus scream for joy as he opens his letters. he's pretty funny.

I taught this black family a couple of days ago. The father Darren Thames or Brother Thames used to be a pastor over a church. He opened the door and yelled "yo! the game starts in 15 min!" he quickly pulled inside "Sit down I gots to get my Bible!" The pre- game for game 7 was about to start, but he said he would miss it for us. He was super excited . Said he would like to give the opening prayer. Wen he finished he clapped his hands praising himself for the good prayer. "All right teach me! watchya got!" The lesson went great he loved it. He knew the bible well and would even site scripture to back us up. We taught Christ's ministry and how he established his church and the apostasy to the restoration of his church through Joseph Smith. By the time we ended he was really excited to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it and asked us if he could come to church. Elder Titus gave the closing prayer, but while he was praying Darren was chanting things like "yes! yes Lord! yes Jesus! oh yeah! After the prayer Darren's wife asked to say one she insisted we hold hands and gave a .....different.....prayer. "cover them in the blood of Jesus" etc.. with Darren chanting in the back ground it was like they were singing. As soon as she finished she said "alright, love ya'll but the game is about to start so get out!" Despite that and difference in their culture, the spirit was really strong as we taught. And Darren with his family really felt that. We will go back over later this week for our next appointment. They have been prepared.

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