Monday, July 22, 2013

Talents Already Acquired

I got your letter, thanks for writting me, I really love your letters, they are uplifting and make me smile. Not a lot of people write me just a few, but I don't write a lot of people either. Guess what, I weigh 185.7 pounds! It may not seem like that much, but when I weighed myself at the beggining of the MTC it was about 165 pounds. 
I really liked what you said, that I won't get my VISA until I do everything here I was meant to do, because I have seen the difference I've made and it's really cool, and I am really grateful to be here. If my Visa came tomorrow, I would be really said, because I know there is more I still have to do, and many times I felt the impression I've done and said exactly what the Lord wanted me to, I would say almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Whether it be my testimony I share, or just reaching out to someone. I have been really blessed, and have seen miracles happen. I am utterly nothing and am I amazed how the Lord still can use me to progress his work. I am blown away how my past experiences are exactly what I need for a certain individual at a certain time. How the Lord uses the talents we've already acquired.
The other day I was preparing to teah someone the church's quit smoking program, which has 15 steps. It was way cool, because the steps were all things I learned in psychology in high school and in college so I understood the terms or classical conditioning and how to teach it simply based on my own experiences in psychology class. The Lord doesn't only just our knowledge of the scriptures, but our knowledge of other things, to be learned is good, if we hearken unto the council's of the lord.
I feel as though I am just rambling now, I ought to plan what I want to say before I start emailing. Eh. Love you

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